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Sofie Harangozo

Posted on April 04 2018

Lifestyle Ambassador - Seton High School Freshman

Tell us about yourself? I'm 14 years and I love the outdoors! I've been riding horses for 10 years and I compete throughout the east coast. Aside from riding I love fashion and painting!

What part of USA Palm peaked your interest? The beachy theme that the company has!

How do you Enjoy the Palm Life? I soak up every minute of the sun I can get!

What sports or activities do you participate in? Horseback Riding

What is your favorite vacation spot? Why? The Bahamas! You can fish, snorkel, tan, all on a boat ride away!

Why do you think you are a good USA Palm Ambassador? Because I would wear all of the products until their last day and I would spread the word to my friends and family and throughout the equestrian community!

How will you make the Palm Life better? I will help spread the word about saving wildlife and try to sell USA Palm products to give back to the animals!

What else should we know about you? I may be young but I'm very mature for my age. I have three older siblings so I'm no little freshman! And I'm pretty brave so I could sell a lot of products for you all;)

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