Sophie Mogol

Posted on June 03 2018

Lifestyle Ambassador - Lead Vocalist

Ambassador code: SEMpalm

Tell us about yourself? I am 17 years old and have lived in Baltimore, Maryland all my life. I have also gone to the same school, Bryn Mawr, since first grade and I absolutely love it. I spent many years performing as a vocalist for a band for local festivals and events and love music. I hope to go to Yale or UVA and major in Sociology or Political Science.

What part of USA Palm peaked your interest? I think it's great that you are using creativity for a good cause by donating to charities. I also really like that the brand was created during Logan's junior year of high school since that's the grade I am currently in and I think it's really inspiring that USA Palm has become such a successful company. You have a great, friendly social media presence and I like that you feature real customers.

How do you Enjoy the Palm Life? If I could, I would spend every day at the beach and/or in the water. I take every opportunity I can to be close to the ocean or a beach no matter what season it is. Some of my best memories involve palm trees such as my trips to Kiawah SC, and Los Altos, California. I always feel like my best self in these environments.

What sports or activities do you participate in? I perform as a lead vocalist in a band, I do debate club, and I play tennis.

What is your favorite vacation spot? Why? My favorite vacation spot is Kiawah Island, SC. I haven't been there in a while but it is absolutely beautiful and the town has a very quaint, peaceful feeling. I went with some friends a while ago and I remember how free I felt being able to ride our bikes anywhere on the island. It feels like a totally different world compared to my daily life.

Why do you think you are a good USA Palm Ambassador? I think I am a good USA Palm Ambassador because I care about everything that the brand stands for and am eager to support it. This is definitely a brand that I would happily recommend to others.

How will you make the Palm Life better? I am very good at coming up with ways to bring people together for a common cause. I am also fairly skilled when it comes to encouraging people to do what is in their best interest. Sometimes, this means encouraging people to take time to embrace the Palm Life and relax, go somewhere that makes them feel happy and calm. It should be whatever makes you feel good.

What else should we know about you? I found out about the brand after the Instagram account liked and commented on some of my pictures. Once I looked at the account, I became motivated to help promote the brand in any way I could. USA Palm stuck out to me more than others and remained in my mind as a company to reach out to. I hope that I can be an Ambassador because I really admire what this company ad its founder have done.

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