Chloe Berryman

Posted on March 06 2018

Lifestyle Ambassador - Just graduated high school 2017

Ambassador code: CHLOExPALM

Tell us about yourself? I am a 17 yr old girl from Texas. I started my own henna tattoo business on South Padre Island, Tx at the age of 14. I continued my business until I moved to San Antonio. My family is very large, I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. We are all homeschooled. I love the ocean and being in the salt water. It's home for me. So being in San Antonio I'm kinda a fish out of the water. I will be moving to Oregon soon and will be starting school to be an esthetician.

What part of USA Palm peaked your interest? I love their devotion to helping clean the ocean and protect all sea creatures. I think it's wonderful that the founder started this business so young, it's great to see other people who have ambitions and goals and make them happen. Entrepreneurs rock!

How do you Enjoy the Palm Life? The colors are wonderful! They're my favorite to wear as a cover-up to the beach!

What sports or activities do you participate in? I did surf when I lived on South Padre Island. I also did taekwondo and Japanese jiu-jitsu. As of right now, I enjoy doing yoga.

What is your favorite vacation spot? Why? There are so many! I've visited Cozumel, Mexico about 3 times and in January I'll be back for my 4th trip! So I would say it's my favorite because of the beaches and snorkeling. The food is amazing and I love driving through town and seeing the beautiful murals and colorful buildings plus the bright blue ocean brings it all together.

Why do you think you are a good USA Palm Ambassador? I feel that I would be able to represent USA Palm wonderfully. When I find a company that I like I will tell all about it! I would love to be able to support other entrepreneurs and get their company out there!

How will you make the Palm Life better? Well, I believe I could bring a lot of customers to the Palm Life.

What else should we know about you? Well, I was Miss South Padre Island Teen 2015or16. I've also modeled for the city of South Padre Island, TX when I was about 13?? I'm the second oldest of 6 children, we love to cruise and visit different places. I love to do makeup and hair!! I really like to try to learn different languages which are fun but hard! I know very little Spanish, an even smaller amount of German and I know some American Sign Language. I also can ride a unicycle because why not? I like to be Chloe and I'm pretty cool to get to know.

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