Benny Ferree

Posted on June 03 2018

Lifestyle Ambassador - Kempsville High School- 9th Grade

Tell us about yourself? I absolutely preppy clothes and the preppy life style! I love hanging out with friends at the beach, shopping, riding bikes, skateboarding, picking out clothes, golfing, and eating fancy dinners. I have always lived by the beach so the beach life has always been suitable for me! When I was in 7th grade I discovered vineyard vines and have been obsessed with preppy things ever sense! I live in a military family so I have always been very patriotic! Im very out going and quickly make friends because of that. I won “most talkative” superlative in 8th grade and in this year (9th) I was nominated for homecoming court. The funniest thing that has ever happened to me is that I’m the only male student to ever have been dress coded for having shorts that were too short!!! But can shorts really ever be too short?

What part of USA Palm peaked your interest? I noticed Logan Tighe had commented on a post of mine and I check out the Instagram profile and noticed I loved his sense of fashion and shortly discovered his company!! The clothes and idea/vibe that the company represents is awesome to me!! Also, the USA part shows its patriotism and appreciation for this amazing country!

How do you Enjoy the Palm Life? Enjoying the Palm Life to me occurres in a few ways. My favorite is to sit on the back of the cruise boat with some real short shorts and a sweet tea in one had just soaking up the sun knowing that tomorrow you’re gonna be somewhere in the Caribbean. Which I have done many times. My other favorite ways are to go for a nice golf day! Golf is very relaxing yet it’s challenging, but it’s nice to just go play golf and have a good time enjoying the weather! My 3rd and final favorite way is to drive around during summer nights with some friends in the car and just a pair of shorts on a T-shirt with the wind blowing and listening to some music!!!

What sports or activities do you participate in? I play soccer for my school! I was the youngest player on the team and I was the only team captain. I started every game and at the end of the season I had the most goals out of any other soccer player in my school district. With 12 goals in 8 games. I also love to skateboard, skimboard and surf! As far as activities goes, I love to shop!! I love shopping and looking at clothes, hunting around to find anything that looks preppy!

What is your favorite vacation spot? Why? My favorite vacation spot is definitely The Grand Turks and Caicos! Ive been to 3 islands in the Bahamas multiple times, the Dominican Rebuplic, and The Grand Turks and Caicos! The Grand Turks and Caicos was my favorite because it’s weathly enough that people don’t bother you or make you feel uncomfortable. The beaches are beautiful and the way the island is set up is very nice and easy to go about! Definitely my favorite!

Why do you think you are a good USA Palm Ambassador? I think I would be a good ambassador because dressing nice and living the Palm Life, is very important to me and I think it’s something EVERYONE should do! I have started a trend at my school and I’d love to be able to help Mr.Tighe grow this company. Spreading the company not only makes money but it helps people wear good clothes and feel comfortable, and the better the clothes the better the life. I think it’s important for people to take time to chill. Try being stressed out in a bathing can’t becuase the vibe is just too chil. But with clothes like this, you feel confident and chill!! Id love to spread this word to everyone

How will you make the Palm Life better? I will do everything I can to show people 1. What the Palm Life is and 2. How to live it!! That will make the Palm Life better because the more people you have doing something, the better it gets!! People come up with new ideas and grow together and can do great things!! This all sounds cliché, buts it’s true! It’s so true! Imagine having a whole school full of kids walking around in these clothes...that would be a dream come true!!!

What else should we know about you? Please take none of this the wrong way! First off I am blond, physically and mentally. Sometimes I have to ask a lot of questions to make sure I’m doing something correctly. I also love attention and will do anything to get it. My life dream is to be a frat boy in collage. I am in love with the finer life (expensive clothes, trendy things, fancy dinners etc). Becoming apart of this would be a dream come true and I truly think I could make a difference. Please consider! Thank you! Tell Mr. Tighe I said hello. ❤️

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