Nick Drepanos

Posted on April 04 2018

College Ambassador - Northeastern University Freshman

Ambassador code: nickdrepanos

Tell us about yourself? Hi, my name is Nick Drepanos. I'm a freshman at Northeastern University in Boston, Ma studying business with a concentration in Finance. \n\nSome of my passions include soccer and hockey, both of which I played in high school. I have also played golf since a young age. During the summer I live in Cape Cod where I love taking photos, fishing, and going to the beach.

What part of USA Palm peaked your interest? The nautical prints that are bright and fun. The bathing suits, golf shirts, and shorts are all eye catchers with various patterns. I'm never shy of making a fashion statement!

How do you Enjoy the Palm Life? Relaxing at the beach with friends, listening to great music, and throwing a football by the ocean.

What sports or activities do you participate in? Soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, squash

What is your favorite vacation spot? Why? Cape Cod. This is where I have gone every summer since growing up. At Cape Cod, I have met many lifelong friends. We work together, go to the same beaches, and go on road trips all over.

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