Joey Shields

Posted on June 03 2018

College Ambassador - University of Cincinnati

Tell us about yourself? I am a Cincinnati native studying Finance at the University of Cincinnati. I love spending time with my friends and family and binge watching show on Netflix.

What part of USA Palm peaked your interest? I love the quality of their clothing, but more importantly I love how with every purchase they give back to making the oceans and reefs cleaner and safer for the marine life.

How do you Enjoy the Palm Life? Even though I’m not near the beach, I love spending my time outside enjoying the fresh air and laying poolside working on my tan.

What sports or activities do you participate in? Volleyball, Soccer, Running

What is your favorite vacation spot? Why? Waikiki, Hawaii because the white beaches and sunsets are absolutely beautiful. It’s a getaway from the stressful life back on the mainland.

Why do you think you are a good USA Palm Ambassador? I think I am a good USA Palm Ambassador because I would be able to spread the word and brand of USA Palm to ultimately preserve and protect our maine life.

How will you make the Palm Life better? My passion and vigor for keeping our environment clean and beautiful for future generations will be my drive for spreading the mission of USA Palm.

What else should we know about you? I am a very sarcastic and witty person who loves a good laugh!

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